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Stabilizer Types, Characteristics, Size & Colors

Cut Away

Medium Weight – 2.0 oz.

▪ Good for all light to medium weight fabrics
▪ Evenly woven with no stretch in any direction
▪ For low to medium stitch count designs

Heavy Weight – 2.5 oz.
▪ Good for sweatshirts and denim

▪ Soft next to skin
▪ Good for T-shirts and loose knits

Fusible PolyMesh
▪ Good for T-shirts and loose knits
Stabil Stick
▪ Use with knits and stretch fabrics
▪ Pressure-sensitive holds hard-to-hoop items

▪ Provides a firm base for boxes, bowls, hats, etc.
▪ Easy to manipulate & trim; holds its shape

Top Cover Permanent Topping
▪ Prevents “show-thru” with contrasting embroidery
▪ Good for fleece and textured fabrics
8” x 9” Sheets: 8 black, 8 white, 4 ivory

Gentle Touch
▪ Protects skin from abrasive or irritating stitching
▪ Fusible on one side; does not cause stiffness in fabric.

Appliqué Fuse & Fix
▪ For embroidered appliqué designs
▪ One fusible side & one adhesive side
▪ Will not leave residue on the needle
20 sheets, 10” x 8” each

Fuse & Fleece Fusible Fleece
▪ Creates loft in embroidered items

Light Weight – 1.5 oz
▪ Use for woven fabrics
▪ Use in multiple layers if needed

Medium Weight – 2.0 oz.
▪ Supports stitch-intensive designs
▪ Stiff, crisp texture good for soft fabrics
▪ Good for designs with large, open center

Heavy Weight – 2.5 oz.
▪ Supports dense and detailed designs
▪ Use for woven fabrics including towels
▪ Ideal for designs with large open areas

Ultra Clean & Tear
▪ Super clean edge when torn
▪ Ideal for stitching on towels

HydroStick – 1.5 oz.
▪ Starch-based, water-activated adhesive
▪ Good for hard-to-hoop items such as bulky items, napkins, ball-caps, and collar points
▪ Holds item until you re-moisten the glue to remove

▪ Pressure sensitive adhesive holds hard-to-hoop items

Fusible Tear Away
▪ Fuse to back of project to prevent stretching during hooping process
▪ Supports detailed designs; easy to remove

▪ Quilting in the hoop; organza and lace

AquaMesh Plus
▪ Pressure sensitive adhesive holds hard-to-hoop items

▪ Heavyweight; water-soluble
▪ Good for sheer fabrics and stand-alone lace

AquaFilm Topping
▪ Use for napped fabrics such as towels

AquaFilm Backing
▪ Use for napped fabrics such as towels